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      Auditorium Technical Information

Seating Capacity:

Ticketing Provided through Tickets Unlimited.

1,344 floor seats
1,344 permanent floor seats
538 1st balcony seats
476 2nd balcony seats
2,358 permanent seats

96 pit seats
46 additional balcony folding chairs
142 Folding Seats

Total capacity of 2,500 seats


57' wide x 54' deep

* See word documents below for maps


27' high x 57' wide

* See word documents below for maps

F.O.H. Mix Position

24' 8" Wide x 8' 3" Deep
Located in rear of house, left center seating section, below balcony over hang.

PIT & Height Options:

60' wide x 14' deep (Orchestra Level)

60' wide x 5' deep (Floor Level)

60' wide x 0 deep (Stage Level)

* Pit is not hydralic/ Please let us know during your advance what level you require the pit to be at for your event. An additional strike and restore fee will be charged, if your production requires a level other then floor level.

Rigging and Hanging information:

Down Stage & House Rigging:

Sound: Option: On center procenium, 6' fromdown stage left and right side of stage, up to 22' high off deck, 500lbs max per point (1,000 lbs) if bridal.

Lighting: Option 1: On center proscenium, 22' high off deck, 500lbs max per point (1,000 lbs) if bridal.
Option 2: 25' off center procenium, 47' high in house, 500lbs max per point (1,000 lbs) if bridal.

On Stage: Lines & Limits: 50 lines @ 800lbs each (request line set by email

Available Power:

1 800-AMP 3 phase Disconnects (Located Down Stage Right)

1 400-AMP 3 phase Disconnects (Located Up Stage Right)

1 100-AMP 3 phase Disconnects (LocatedDown StageLeft)

Loading Dock:

Dock 6' deep x 52' wide x 42" high

Under ground loading dock (can handle two 53' trucks at once)

Truck to Stage push distance is Aprox. 35'

Other Doors

Stage: 11' 6"wide x 10' high

Elevator: 4' 5" wide x 6' high x 7' deep


8 dressing rooms

2 quick change dressing rooms

2 large dressing rooms

2 chorus rooms

1 wardrobe room

1-27 female chorus

1- 20 male chorus

In HouseSound and Equipment:

16- ISP Technologies HDL2208 small format line array speaker

2- ISP Technologies HDL2208 front fill speakers

6- ISP Technologies XMAX-118 sub cabinet

6- JBL PRX412M Monitor Speakers

1- Behringer x32 32-channel mixing console

2- Behringer s16 digital stage I/O interface

All associated mics, DI's, stands, and cable!

In House Lighting Fixtures and Equipment:

7- Altman CYC four bay light fixtures

20- 14 Degree Lekos Fixtures
12- 19 Degree Lekos Fixtures
20- 26 Degree Lekos Fixtures
20- 36 Degree Lekos Fixtures
16- 50 Degree Lekos Fixtures

36- Source Four PAR-EA Fixtures

1- ETC Expression 48/96 lighting Console

1- ETC SR48 dimmer rack

1- ETC SR24 dimmer rack

3- LycianModle # 1275 Spot Lights, 100' to 450' throw distance

All associated frames, cables, and safety's!

We do not have any Moving Light Fixtures in-house. but we can arrange for whatever lighting needs your show may require!

For package rates please contact Robbie Sandoval at (865) 215-8911.

Additional Building Information:

6- Production telephone lines available

High-speed Internet (wire & wirless capable)

The following WORD documents contain technical information for the Civic Auditorium:

Knoxville Civic Auditorium Technical Information summary
Knoxville Civic Auditorium Stage Left dressing room map
Knoxville Civic Auditorium Stage Left Plot
Knoxville Civic Auditorium Small Stage Plot
Knoxville Civic Auditorium Large Stage Right-stage Plot

Truck & Bus Directions and Staging Info:

From: (I-75 North & South / I-40 East bound)
I-40 East to Exit # 389 Broadway / Hall of Fame
Turn Right onto Hall of Fame
Turn Left onto Howard Baker JR. Avenue (5th Stoplight)

Turn Right onto Honor Our Troops Drive

Turn Right off Honor our Troops Drive onto the top level of C-Garage

Park and stage on top of C-Garage, until instructed to pull into the loading dock!

From: (I-40 West bound)

I-40 West to Exit # 388 James White Parkway
Take James White Parkway to Hill Ave. / Riverside Drive Exit
At stop light turn Left, go over james white Parkway

Turn Left onto Historic Preservation Drive

Turn Right onto Honor our Troops Drive (first Right, just past Police Station

Park and stage on top of C-Garage, until instructed to pull into the loading dock!

We dummy lock the gate if we are expecting you. However, if the gate is locked call 24-hour security at (865) 215-8960 (office), or (865) 755-9435 (Cell) to get the gate unlocked. We look forward to hosting you, and making your load-in day go as smooth as possible.

To Auditorium Loading Dock from Staging Area:

Turn Right out of C- Garage onto Honor Our Troops Drive

Turn Right onto Historic Preservation Drive

Once you pass Garage-C you will see the driveway marked David Scruggs Drive.

David Scruggs Drive is the Entrance to the Auditorium Tunnel

All trucks will need to be backed into the tunnel.

Please make sure our stage manager has a traffic officer in the street to help block traffic as you back down the tunnel. As Historic Preservation Drive can be a busy street at times.