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      Wheelchair/Scooter policy

Accessible Seating Ticket Policy – Knoxville Civic Coliseum and Auditorium
The Knoxville Civic Coliseum and Auditorium provide accessible seating areas for persons with disabilities. Each wheelchair accessible space is accompanied by one (1) companion seat and both may be purchased for the same price per seat. 
1. Coliseum.
The 19 wheelchair/companion seats in Sections P (10 seats) and B (9 seats) in the Lower Balcony will be sold at the lowest ticket price.
If seats are provided on the floor, wheelchair/companion seats on the floor will be sold at the same price as other floor tickets.
2. Auditorium.
The 8 wheelchair/companion seats in Sections Orchestra Right and Orchestra Left will be sold at the lowest ticket price.
The 16 wheelchair/companion seats in Sections Right Center and Left Center will be sold at the second lowest ticket price.
3. Hold and Release of Tickets.
On the day of the event, unsold wheelchair/companion seats may be released and sold to any person with or without a disability if all event seating has been sold.
4. Fraudulent Purchase of Accessible Seating.
Proof of disability is not required in order to purchase an accessible seat for an event. However, for single ticket purchases, Auditorium/Coliseum staff may inquire if the person purchasing a wheelchair space uses a wheelchair.
For sale of season tickets, subscriptions, etc., it is permissible to ask the person purchasing the wheelchair seat to state in writing that the wheelchair space is for a person who uses a wheelchair.
5. Purchasing Multiple Tickets.
When a person using a wheelchair and a companion are accompanied by more persons, the Auditorium Coliseum staff will attempt to seat the remainder of the party as close to the wheelchair/companion seats as possible, depending on the availability of remaining seats at the time of purchase.